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Many grow up today unaware of their family history. In my case, distance and divorce were the culprits. I come from a single-parent family; my mother raised my brother and I well below the poverty line. She lacked the means and energy to connect us to our ancestry, to teach us about where we had come from, what our ancestors had overcome, etc. Her focus was survival. I had no idea how my family had landed in Canada, when/where that had occurred or what they had done to make a living. What were their names?

The gift that Kim gave me through her incredible work was a first connection to my lineage, one that really struck a chord emotionally given that my wife and I were growing our own family at that time. I learned more from Kim’s report than I had from any family member over my 30+ years, and this gave me a sense of roots that I had never experienced before.

I promptly shared Kim’s report with my grandmother. Now in her 90s, her memory had faded. Our family tree and the chronology of Kim’s report triggered memories of the relationships & bonds that she had experienced. She began to recall with joy her aunts, uncles, even her cousins, long forgotten, one of whom I learned was named Estelle, the very name we had selected for our daughter! That day and the impact it had on us both is one that I’ll cherish forever.

So thank you, Kim!
Your work is a precious keepsake for us, always.
— Darcy F. (Ottawa, Canada)
French-Canadian Genealogist Client Testimonials

French-Canadian Genealogist Client Testimonials
Ce n’est peut-être pas quelque chose qui nous vient à l’esprit chaque jour, d’où nous venons ou d’où viennent nos racines. Kim élimine toutes les suppositions de ce processus pour vous. Kim est la personne la plus dévouée à son métier, elle pose avec la plus grande diligence les bonnes questions pour vous fournir les informations dont vous avez besoin. Elle le fait avec beaucoup de passion et de curiosité. C’est incroyable ce qu’elle a pu trouver sur mes racines. Elle a la curiosité de toujours vouloir en savoir plus.
— Michel R. (Montréal, Canada)

I highly recommend The French Canadian Genealogist for their in-depth, source cited, quick, and cost efficient research. I look forward to working with them in the future.
— Wendy J. (Paxton, MA, USA)

Kim made the journey of connecting with my ancestors so simple. Not only did she gather information on my family but she gave them a voice to tell their story while carefully weaving each generation into the next. By including copies of birth, marriage and death certificates she has helped track the movement of my family through centuries and has helped me establish and better understand potential genetic health risks.

Through Kim’s diligent work, I learned that my Great Grandfather had been the editor and owner of the first francophone newspaper in the maritime provinces in the late 1870s. She uncovered the roots of his journalistic calling as well as his service and deep devotion to the Acadian people of that time and the legacy that he left behind.

She works meticulously to fact check and reference her findings. She places such care and importance on each piece of family history that you’d swear she’s charting her own family’s lineage.
— Renee R. (Ottawa, Canada)
French-Canadian Genealogist Client Testimonials

Kim Kujawski, The French-Canadian Genealogist, was a tremendous help in transcribing and translating several documents for me, including a marriage contract, several parish entries and two French death certificates. She helped clarify and answer the many questions I had while researching a particular elusive ancestor. Kim went above and beyond by locating the death records of an ancestor - finding him in a French military hospital in Madrid, thereby solving the mystery of what happened to him when he disappeared from the Montreal area around 1791. Her fees were reasonable for the work performed, which was timely and extremely professional. I will definitely reach out to her again for future help in my French Canadian genealogy research.
— Kristin H. (Libertyville, IL)

French-Canadian Genealogist Client Testimonials
I never made learning about my family history a priority, but once I read what Kim created for me I wished I had done it sooner! It has had a grounding effect on me and I’m proud to learn about the role my family played in building Canada into what it has become. Now I realize I’ve walked in places they lived and I would have had a different perspective had I known.

It was a very fun process, like watching a movie’s storyline unfold but this one’s about your own history. I never knew I had roots in the U.S., England or Scotland! Kim loves to find the interesting quirks of one’s family. Not only their name and where they lived but what brought them there. I wouldn’t have known where to start and thought it would have been a lot of work but Kim made it easy and I’m so happy we did it.
— Shawn K. (Vancouver, Canada)

My family has been working for years to establish our family history back to our aboriginal ancestors. We had many names and dates, as well as family stories of our ancestors and the lives they lived but little definite proof. It was maddening to do this ourselves. Kim was so methodical and organized. She was able to establish our family line back to a Mi’kmaq community in Nova Scotia. Along the way we learned of craftswomen, fishermen, and a midwife who assisted with countless births on the north coast of Newfoundland!

Kim is totally passionate about genealogy. Combined with her keen intellect and organizational skills, she really was able to help my family and I.
— Troy M. (Montréal, Canada)
French-Canadian Genealogist Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Kim on my mother’s Ukrainian side of the family. We have a strong European lineage which is hard to navigate. Kim was able to take the documents I was lucky enough to have and make sense of them, as well as digging way beyond. She prepared a very clear concise document full of interesting information that I am looking forward to sharing with my 88-year old Mom and other members of my family.

I would not hesitate in recommending Kim to explore your ancestry.
— Cathy M. (Vancouver, Canada)

French-Canadian Genealogist Client Testimonials
The French-Canadian Genealogist provided me with information that no other sources could give me in an extremely timely manner. Kim’s research included an in-depth report on my family members dating back to the early 1600’s. It also included all supporting documents: baptisms, marriages and burials. I highly recommending using her services if you’re looking to discover your family roots.
— Charlene B. (Vancouver, Canada)